Art Jam! Sweetpotato Style Sisters
Cookin' Together

"An Anthology of 18 African American Women"
By:  B.J. Winston and P.J. Jones

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"These are the cries and silent voices of women as they sing in the Hallelujah chorus of triumph!"

"ART JAM!..." illuminates the nurturing savvy of African American women, speaking of the survival mastery of Aunt Saddie to Imani Rashun - African American women doing what they do best, both professionally and domestically.  They are the trailblazers, and glue that under grids a nation.  From cooking to sewing, singing to dancing the creative spirit travels through the thoroughfares of life, demonstration great skill in unabridged diplomacy and survival.

"ART JAM!..." is a multi-media book project that extends recognition long over-due to artists from north to south, east to west whose innate creativity covers everything from prose to floral design.  The African American women draw upon the creative roots that connect them to the motherland and the black church experience.

"ART JAM!..." is no ordinary book project it is in fact an ongoing experience that takes you on a journey of survival.  What at first appeared to be the simple writing of a book, turned out to be a live moving organism.  For it is said, "We are the book; live and in living hue.  The written words are the aftermath to our experiences."  how can one tell a story that is in constant motion?

This book project comes with numerous movements:  The arts; verse; mouthwatering cuisine; music of the heart; the African American woman and her hair; and of course the sweatpotato.  Each time these women of great strength come together it turns out to be an electrifying experience.  At our Barnes & Noble Debut and Art Exhibition, the stage was set and the atmosphere charged, as well as our last art exhibition at Canvas, Paper and Stone Gallery in Harlem.

Future showcase will be posted on our upcoming website.

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